Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New and Recent Series of Work

after a few weeks of procrastination and inexcusable laziness, i finally summoned the courage to update my blog. what we have here are some of the pieces that i'm currently working on or was shown from the last show at beatrock. the first four identical pieces belong to the "boxy pirates series". the boxy pirates are a vicious species of e-woks gone wild. they are indigenous to the islands of Philippines. they are known to be extremely loud but extremely good in dancing, rapping, singing, cooking and especially making babies thus making the export of this tenacious resilient people the economic backbone of the aforementioned country.

and here's some random water color pieces.

and finally, some pieces from the "boxy-bots series". the idea behind the boxy woody mechanical organic (de)fragmentation of the human body came from playing with cardboard boxes as a kid with my siblings. turning them into armor, cannons, a cave, a house, or our own super unbeatable intergalactic robot:) by the way folks they are mounted on wood and is for sale. the watercolor pieces are also for sale. if interested just holla! enjoy!